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Understanding CBD's Wide Array of Benefits

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a phytocannabinoid (fancy word for cannabis-derived cannabinoid) that makes up almost half of a cannabis plant’s essence. For the non-science oriented, all that this means is that CBD is a big part of cannabis, one that shows significant possibilities in the treatment of pain, mood enhancement, sleep trouble, and much more. That’s what we’re going to look at today: how is CBD changing lives? Why CBD?

To start, we checked into the history of CBD as a medical aid. It was first extracted successfully in 1940 by Roger Adams of Harvard. However, he was not aware of the significance until years later. In 1946, Dr. Walter Loewe tested CBD on lab animals, learning that it did not alter their minds. This was a huge breakthrough. Later that year Dr. Raphael Mechoulam discovered CBD’s 3D makeup; he tends to get the credit as the person who truly discovered CBD.

    That’s just what we know so far. With time, research, and more widespread use, we will—as a society—learn how CBD can be used to improve our day to lives.

    But how has CBD changed people’s lives? Let’s find out.

    We spoke to one woman, whom we will call D. (for privacy’s sake), that is a frequent user of CBD oil. Her purpose in using this oil is to find relief from arthritis in her hands.

    “My hands were just getting awful,” she said. “It’s like they didn’t want to open like they used to. It is especially bad at night or when I’m trying to do something in my garden.” The pain grew so bad that she had considered pharmaceutical treatment. It was by chance that her sister-in-law suggested CBD oil, as she used it herself. We asked if CBD oil had been effective or if she regretted going the natural route.

    “It’s been great, yes. I only use as much as I need, never more. And I never once have felt like I couldn’t do without it, but it is there when I need it. I think it’s better than getting a pill from a doctor with God knows what side effects. I’m too old to deal with those things.”

    She recommended it, of course, and while she is just a single person out of the loads that consider CBD a life-changer, you don’t have to look far to find more support.

    Browsing forums online it is easy to see the popularity of CBD. One glance at r/CDB and you will find a plethora of information: reviews, questions, answers, experiences. The one common thread amongst most posts is a love for CBD as a natural tool to battle some of life’s darker ailments. Not only is CBD a plant and a strong natural medicine, but it is a bridge that connects like-minded people who just want to feel better.

    That’s one of the more beautiful parts of the medical marijuana community: the community itself. It’s rare to find the sort of support, care, and guidance that it offers when compared to traditional medicine, big pharma, and corporations with cash—your cash—at heart. One never needs to feel alone on the journey to comfort. CBD can offer that community, as can the entire medical cannabis ecosystem.

    The point is this: consider CBD as a viable alternative to your usual meds. Check with your doctor (or one of ours), ask your friends, your family. Ask us. Don’t’ live in the shadow of fear that often accompanies suffering. CBD might be the answer you are looking for. You only have to ask.